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7 Ways a Personal Coach can Increase Your Effectiveness as a Leader

I help the lightbulb go off! As a coach, that's what I do for my clients. I launched my coaching and training business almost 6 years ago. In that time, I've had the privilege of working with leaders from academia, corporate, small business, non-profit, church and government sectors. I crossed paths with these phenomenal men and women leaders during a time in their careers when they needed clarity or was just seeking to position themselves for the next level. I love the diversity of industries, backgrounds and career aspirations of my clients. The most enjoyable part is the opportunity to use my gifts to enable each of them to walk into their greatness. If you've never considered acquiring a Personal Coach, it's time to learn how one can help.

First of all, you have to understanding the coaching process. Coaching is an on-going conversation where you’re provided encouragement, guidance and honest feedback, as YOU pursue YOUR personal and professional goals. As your coach, my responsibility is to provide content, insight, tools, wisdom, framework, ideas, and feedback. YOUR responsibility is to move from AWARENESS to ACTION to ACCOUNTABILITY.

Here are 7 ways that the coaching relationship can increase your effectiveness as a leader:

  1. Increase accountability of your personal and professional goals. Accountability is the key to success. As your coach, I act as your partner holding you accountable to take the necessary steps toward your goal.

  2. Improve specific skills related to your role, such as: leadership/managerial skills, communication, conflict resolution, relationship building, etc. I help ensure you're equipped to achieve your goals.

  3. Support your growth past your limiting beliefs. I help you shift your mindset and take the blinders off when it comes what you think you're capable of achieving.

  4. Being a sounding board, helping to prevent problems, thereby avoiding expensive, time consuming or embarrassing actions.

  5. Increase clarity. I consider myself as a "career-fog lifter". Through powerful questions and reflective exercises I help you see the path in front of you (or help you create a new one).

  6. Build solutions. As your coach, I act as your partner helping to construct a plan to activate your vision.

  7. Produce action by helping you understand the change you want to make and how to get there.

"I was at a crossroad in my career and really felt like I could benefit from the assistance of an insightful professional, " as noted by my client, Yvette Morton Williams, President and Chief Inspiration Officer of a small chain of laundry mats in metro Atlanta. Here how my 6-week coaching intensive impacted her as a leader.

If you're ready to explore how personal coaching can help you achieve next level success schedule a FREE Coaching Consultation Session with Dr. Andrea: Click to Book Now!


About Dr. Andrea

Dr. Andrea Bowens-Jones is a former corporate manager, now STEM pipeline development consultant, certified coach, trainer, and speaker. She is the founder and President & CEO of IDG Vision, LLC, a training and development firm specializing in personal growth, leadership, communication and teamwork services.



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