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Training Facilitation

Workshops/Seminars tailored to meet your needs around the topics of personal growth, leadership, communication and teamwork.  

a powerful tool...

Interested in learning more about the benefit of this service?

As a Certified DISC Model of Human Behavior Consultant, we offer DISC Personality Assessments.  The acronym D-I-S-C represents four distinct personal preferences that determine a person’s behavioral style. Facilitated sessions based on this testing will improve communication and unlock your team’s potential for better business and relationship success.


It’s a powerful tool to understand yourself and how to better connect with others.  DISC is a great tool for self-improvement, team-building, and hiring decisions. Great for individuals, organizations, couples and families.

Professional/Personal Benefits:

  • Boost team performance

  • Identify strengths

  • Get better results with people

  • Improve team building

  • Improve communication

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