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7 Attributes of an INSPIRE'd Leader

I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with a number of leaders through my coaching and training business. I love asking them the question, “What inspires you?” The answers vary. Some are inspired by other leaders known for the lasting impact they’ve made, others are inspired by simpler things like summer sunsets over sandy beaches, nature trail walks, or a soul-shaking Sunday morning church service.

To be inspired means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. What inspires you? Whatever that thing is that moves you deeply, we can all agree that when you are inspired, you become motivated to push pass barriers to achieve higher success. It’s like taking flight, soaring high above mountainous challenges that stand in the way. That invincible feeling is contagious – almost electrifying. If you’ve ever been in presence of an inspirational leader then you know what I mean by this.

Are you wondering if this is you? I’ve found 7 attributes that all inspirational leaders have in common.

  1. I - Introspective. Inspirational leaders are reflective looking inward. They are highly aware of themselves, and possess the ability to examine their thoughts and feelings, conveying them in a way the captures the heart of those around them.

  2. N - Nurturing. Inspirational leaders care and encourage the growth and development of the people they lead.

  3. S - Sincere. Inspirational leaders are honest and genuine. Their character is a reflection of their sincerity.

  4. P - Passionate. Inspirational leaders possess an intense interest or enthusiasm. Their passion is the energy that fuels them.

  5. I - Intelligence. Inspirational leaders possess a high level of expertise. They are intuitive in the area of their gifting.

  6. R - Resilient. Inspirational leaders are able to recover quickly after failure. For them, failures are temporary setbacks and life’s lessons.

  7. E - Empowering. Inspirational leaders have the ability to make people around them feel strong and more independent.

How do you compare to the list above? Success is more than just what you accomplish. It’s about what you inspire others to accomplish. Be an inspiration. Be an I.N.S.P.I.R.E.’d leader!

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