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Dare to Soar!

Over a decade ago, I received a key chain with an eagle and lettering engraved that read, “Dare to Soar.” The keychain and statement were to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Black Women’s Development Network at P&G, which celebrated the trailblazing efforts of several courageous women. Normally, I would toss a gift like that in the drawer with all of the other conference and work-related mementos; however, this one was different. Those three words spoke to me.

Similar to kids on a playground drawing a line in the dirt, daring each other to cross it, the statement challenged me. It dared me to break out the cage of complacency to spread my wings like the eagle that adorned the face. That keychain had garnished my key ring since I received it, outliving the vehicles whose keys shared the same ring. It’s ironic that I would lose it, at least I thought so, less than a year after leaving my corporate job.

Recently, my inspiring little key chain reappeared while I was sorting through some old bags. To my surprise it was just as powerful in challenging me as it did back in 2004.

Are you daring to soar?

  • What have you intentionally done in the last month to move out of your comfort zone? It’s not going to happen unless you’re intentional about it. Make it a priority to meet or do something out of the ordinary.

  • What’s stopping you from taking the next step? Identify and remove barriers that may inhibit your ability to break out the norm. Many times, these barriers are perceived. Identify what’s real versus what’s not and do something about it.

  • What does soaring look like for you? Cast the vision. Soaring for me is different than soaring for you. Knowing where you are in reference to where you want to be can be powerful in letting you how what to look for next.

To soar is not just about being at a new height, but to maintain that height. It’s like being on cruise control far beyond the level at which you’re operating today. Revisiting these words has forced me to re-examine what I call my norm. The moment you settle in to a norm you block your ability to notice the unexpected opportunities.

If you’re not already, then it’s time to dare to soar.

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