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Inspiring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in the next generation is a shared responsibility across academia, industry, and government as evident by the recent surge of efforts across the country. Opportunities that aid in demistifying these types of careers have demonstrated they have a role to play. The Resident Scholar Program is one such opportunity. It is a unique interactive job shadowing experience for high school students interested in careers leveraging STEM degrees. The participants are exposed to the exciting world of Research & Development at sponsoring companies. The experience inspires them to envision the possibilities for a rewarding career in the STEM disciplines. 

Learn more about the impact of RSP on the STEM talent pipeline at The Procter & Gamble Company.


It gave me real-life work experience, and I got to see people doing what I want to do, which showed me that I can do it too.

-2015 P&G Scholar

It gave me the confidence to pursue engineering in college and the desire to work for a great company like P&G when I graduated.

- Oli Ononye, P&G Engineer (2006 Scholar)

How Does It Work?

IDG Vision Consulting & Training will work directly with your Talent Supply organization and R&D professionals to design an engaging STEM job shawdowing experience unique to your company's business.  We have over a decade of experience and the success of inspiring the program participants to pursure a career in STEM.  Contact us, and do your part in "Creating Opportunities for Today's Youth...Inspiring Tomorrow's Industry Leaders.." 

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