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My Journey to Breathe Again

They say everyone has a book inside of them, but I never thought that was me until the day I started to write. It’s not that I believe my story is a remarkable page turner; instead, I believe it’s the opposite – very common. It’s far too common for women to feel trapped by life in their quest to be the best. I had reached that point. The life I spent years building was now taking my breath away. I was suffocating.

I was running 100 mph in every direction all while trying to be everything to everyone. My husband took one look at me and said, “Enough is enough!” We packed up and went away for the weekend to hang out with friends. That break was the timeout I needed to get a new perspective. I needed to breathe again. My journey to this point is the subject of my e-book, Breathe Again: A Guide to Living a Life of Limitless Possibilities.

Have you ever felt like life was suffocating you? The pressure to be your authentic self can be overwhelming if you’re fighting against the expectations of others. Your job, family, and friends all have different expectations. If you sort through them all and can’t find the real you in the pile, then you’re left with only their expectations of you. Their jaded views of the real you will start to feel like holding your breath underwater too long.

Are you ready to breathe again?

Step 1. Understand what has you trapped. You may be thinking that admitting that you feel trapped is an accomplishment in itself. That’s only the first step. It is important that you do not stop there, but trace the origins of those feelings. That’s the only way you can eliminate/minimize their impact as you move forward.

Step 2. Identify your individual greatness. Everyone has a seed of greatness inside of them. This seed if gone undiscovered robs you and the world from what you were created to do with your life.

Step 3. Change your mindset. How you think about yourself impacts how you act. If you see yourself as limitless then your actions will follow.

Step 4. Design a plan to move forward. Once you free your mind then it’s time to move forward with intention. Build a plan and hold yourself accountable.

If you have found yourself stuck in a place, then download your copy of Breathe Again available on

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